Tree Fun

With all the significant issues that surround the importance and benefits of canopy trees, it’s easy to forget how much fun they are. In that spirit, we seek to remind you about all the times in your life when you’ve climbed a tree, sat under it for shade, or just visited with one during a low country evening.

This section of our website is chock full of info:

  • Coastal Tree Tours: Even if you live here, you may not have visited these gentle giants of our coast. If not, get a group together and take a day trip! Guaranteed peace of mind.
  • Forests, Arboreta and Botanical Gardens: A highlight of local & regional places to visit which are devoted to trees.
  • Local Trails: Whether you’re biking, walking, hiking or otherwise traveling these trails, you’ll be sure to have fun in the great outdoors.
  • Tree Lore & Myths: Like anything else, trees have inspired people for millennia. If you’re someone who likes to know the back story and be able to provide interesting tidbits to your friends, this is the page for you.
  • Award Trees: Because humans seem to have this odd desire to measure, compare and declare winners for almost everything (including Twinkies?!), we have Award Trees; the biggest and best can be found here.
  • Books on Trees: We recognize that some of you would still prefer to crack open a good book rather than a laptop. Got reading recs? Send them our way and we’ll list them!
  • Hug a Tree: If you haven’t hugged a tree lately, get inspired.