Rooting Community: Tree Maintenance Technician opportunities available

October 30th, 2018 by Heather Gordon

Tree Planting and Maintenance Technician – Job Application

Neighborhoods for these tree projects:
Westlake Apartments (Nov. 10 start date), Kayton Homes (Jan start date), Franklin Apartments (Dec start date), Hudson Hill

Position Description:

Savannah Tree Foundation is looking to engage community residents to support tree planting and tree care projects while helping them learn workforce skills to assist them in future employment. These contract positions will be supervised by the STF Field Manager, Jake Henry. STF will train technicians prior to the tree planting event and on an on-going basis regarding duties involved with the position. This position will include helping lead a tree planting in the designated neighborhood, routine maintenance of planted trees following the planting event for up to two years, periodic assistance with Savannah Tree Foundation projects throughout Chatham County, and on-going training projects during time of employment.

Job tasks may include, but not be limited to:

  • Watering trees weekly, including moving hoses around the property
  • Tree care such as weeding and mulching
  • Leading volunteer groups in tree care projects
  • Pruning young trees using hand clippers
  • Laying or repairing irrigation (with proper training)
  • Installing protective temporary fencing

Position requires:

  • Lifting and moving objects over 50 lbs
  • Bend, squatting, and other movements for limited periods of time
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Potentially working in inclement weather (for example: extreme cold)

Each contracted technician will receive a stipend of $50 per month.

For any technician that fulfills the responsibilities of this position for two years from the date of planting, the Savannah Tree Foundation will pay for training or testing for a mutually agreed workforce development certification, up to a $250 value. An example of this certification includes the Georgia Certified Landscape Professional.

This contract position is open to any candidate over the age of 15 years old. Preference will be given to residents living in the complex where trees are to be planted.


Please fill out all of the sections below:


Applicant Information

  • Applicant Name:


  • Address:


  • City, State, and Zip Code:


  • Telephone Number:


  • Email Address:


Personal Information

  • Are you a U.S. citizen or approved to work in the United States?

Yes      No


  • Can you provide documentation as proof of citizenship or legal status (for example, a social security card)?

Yes      No


  • Do you have a condition which would require job accommodations (for example, physical limitations)?

Yes      No


  • If yes, please describe accommodations required below.




Position Interest

  • What interests you most about this position?



  • Do you plan on a career in tree care or landscaping?



  • Are you able to spend approximately 2 hours each week maintaining the planted trees?



  • Are you available for longer than 2 hours every other month to assist with STF projects or training workshops?



  • Are you able to commit to maintaining the planted trees for 2 years?


Please submit application by either by mail or by emailing answers to the above questions to