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Trees are instrumental in all aspects of our lives – from economic growth, to healthy children, to reducing ambient air temperatures. Whether you’re at a local restaurant serving the area’s tourists who are here because of the beauty of Savannah, or work in a manufacturing plant where you appreciate tree’s work to clean our air and water from pollutants, or maybe you work in healthcare and appreciate trees role in reducing stress, improving healing rates, and making it easier to breathe – you find the value in trees.

Each year Savannah Tree Foundation strives to plant over 100 trees. STF plants canopy trees across Chatham County with over 4,000 trees planted throughout the organization’s history.

In 2018, local businesses are donating $100 over 100 days to help STF in planting over 100 trees. Local businesses will receive a window sticker to announce their support of the Savannah Tree Foundation.

If you and your local, small business are interested in supporting the 100 Project, please contact Heather  or you can donate to the 100 Project below. (You may give at the donation level of your choice. Corporate recognition for participation in the 100 Project begins at the $100 giving level.)

Savannah Tree - 100 Project

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    The Savannah Tree Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit corporation, and all contributions are tax deductible as provided by law.

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