Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Benefits

As an STF Volunteer, you will become a member of a special group of individuals who dedicate their time and talents to raising public awareness about and appreciation for trees and urban forestry in the Savannah area. Among the many benefits are:

  • Developing new friendships as you have fun working with other volunteers with similar interests.
  • You will learn about the proper care and maintenance of trees, urban forests, and other natural habitats. Volunteers work with STF staff and professional arborists to gain knowledge and understanding of the issues involved with preserving canopy trees and forests in the urban community.
  • Special advanced training is provided to those interested in becoming a “Forest Steward,” an expert corps of volunteers.
  • Student volunteer credits, internship credits, and community service hours may be earned.
  • Invitations to special events as they come around!
  • Free refreshments, food and fun giveaways like T-shirts & water bottles provided at certain volunteer events.
  • Eligibility to become one of Savannah Tree Foundation’s Outstanding Volunteers or our individual or corporate Volunteer of the Year.
  • A tax benefit: if appropriate for your circumstances, you can record and itemize the miles you drive in service to a charitable organization, with appropriate record keeping and on advice of a tax counselor or accountant (the current rate is 14 cents/mile).
  • The delight in knowing how much your volunteerism is saving each nonprofit organization you help. Did you know the Independent Sector currently values each hour of your volunteer time at $20.25 per hour?
  • The pleasure and satisfaction of knowing you are helping to promote and protect trees and urban forests in our community!


Forestkeepers are community volunteers who typcially meet once a month, usually on the second Saturday of the month, to help plant trees, care for trees through pruning and mulching, and participate in other activities that directly benefit our environment, like trail building activities at Bacon Park Forest.

Root Workers

When you’ve got a small staff of two people, volunteers who have time to help organize, do meaningful tasks or lend their office expertise are not only wanted but needed. We can use people of all ages, from students looking for community service hours or after-school volunteer opportunities to those of you who may be retired but aren’t tired yet. Trust us, you may not feel like a magic worker but you will be just by being here and helping out from time to time! Schedules are flexible and volunteer duties are made to suit you.

Interested in becoming one of our volunteers?

Fill out our online volunteer form, or just show up to one of our events – we’re pretty casual.