Tree Planting Program

The Savannah Tree Foundation’s tree planting program encompasses not only planting canopy trees within our community, but also their aftercare through mulching and ongoing tree maintenance activities. We aim to plant 200 trees per year and hold two to four tree plantings per year, including a special tree planting each Arbor Day.

Canopy trees are different from other trees in that they tend to grow larger and provide more shade than your typical ornamental or understory tree; they also provide better measurable benefits, including stormwater absorption, carbon dioxide storage, reduction in heat island effects, less energy consumption for heating & cooling, and more.

Savannah Tree Foundation plants trees in public spaces throughout Chatham County, which means on property that is owned by the public or held in trust for public access. We typically plant on city or county property, in public parks and at other venues including those owned by nonprofit organizations, government entities and the like. Land owners must agree to care for newly planted young trees for two years after the tree planting, providing regular watering, pruning & mulching maintenance. Savannah Tree Foundation will help train you how to care for the trees we plant.

You can request a tree planting at a location that fits these criteria by filling out this form.

Want to see where we’ve planted trees?

Check out our Savannah Tree Foundation Community Tree Plantings Map.

Interested in sponsoring a tree planting?

There are many ways to help plant trees and we always need individual & corporate sponsors.

Need a small number of trees for your public site?

Check out our CommuniTREES fund!

Looking for a tree to plant on private property?

If you live within the City of Savannah, they will plant trees on city rights of way (usually an area within the first five feet which abuts the street). Call 311 to request a tree; city employees will evaluate your site and determine the best tree species to plant and will maintain it for the first few years until established.