The Savannah Tree Foundation accomplishes its mission of preserving, protecting and planting canopy trees through public programming. Our many program areas include:

  • Tree Planting: Our basic mission is to plant more trees to increase both the number of trees and the percentage of tree canopy cover in Chatham County. This is our most basic but vital function – environmental stewardship of trees!
  • Volunteer Programs: We can always use volunteers, whether you come to every volunteer event or just once. We offer onsite training as well as community service hours for volunteers, in addition to perks like T-shirts, refreshments and snacks at all of our hands-on events.
    • Tree plantings and tree maintenance work days occur throughout the year.
    • Special events volunteer help.
  • Celebrate the Shade: This program area is where we get together to call attention to and, indeed, celebrate canopy trees. Each year we honor Georgia’s Arbor Day in February as well as the fall foliage at our Fall Frolic fundraiser.
  • Current Projects: Our ‘current projects’ are often those which happen on a time-limited basis and involve some earned income projects as well as capstone projects like Bacon Park Forest. Sometimes, these are projects where we offer our advice and expertise to community endeavors like Sustainable Fellwood or in updating municipal tree ordinances. This area also encompasses our grant projects, which tend to be carried out on an annual cycle and focus on a limited area.
  • Stewardship & Sustainability: Savannah Tree Foundation does a lot of behind the scenes work through our advocacy & public policy work at the grassroots level.
  • Candler Oak: The Candler Oak best represents our work and is our longest standing commitment to urban forestry. We also help interested individuals and businesses preserve trees as a way to help ensure trees live long and healthy lives well into maturity.
  • Program Photos: This webpage actively streams the most recent uploads to our Facebook account, which hosts images from our events and captures the most important element of our programs—individuals like you.