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Photo by Matthew Lamourt

2017 Smart Design Parking Lots:
A Cost Benefit and Ecosystem Analysis



The 2014 Chatham County Canopy Assessment Report

 Annual Reports & 990’s

Beginning in 2010, Savannah Tree Foundation started producing an in-depth Annual Report which is printed and mailed to all partners, sponsors, members and donors, and posted online for your convenience. 990’s are available upon request.

The 2016 Annual Report can be read here:


Position Papers

On occasion we find that a particular issue merits a longer, more thoughtful examination of the problem at hand; when it does, we produce position papers aimed at broadly educating and influencing the community at large with detailed data and information necessary to make informed decisions.

Active position papers include:

Print Newsletters Index

In 1992, the Savannah Tree Foundation began regularly producing a print newsletter for our members, partners, community planners, elected officials and the like. The print newsletter was discontinued in 2009 in favor of a new printed Annual Report combined with quarterly email newsletters. Due to bandwidth limitations, the newsletters themselves are not provided here in their entirety, but we are happy to provide you with digital copies upon request. The first request is free, thereafter the cost is $1.00 per issue.

State of the Trees reports

In February of 1992, Savannah Tree Foundation began producing an intermittent report to “record the state of trees in this community, assess the stewardship of Savannah’s and Chatham County’s outstanding tree legacy, and ensure that trees are considered a part of the public infrastructure and a vital community resource.”