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Who to Call

Have a tree question?, call 912- 233-TREE (8733) for assistance.

For trees on:

    • Public property within Savannah city limits
      City of Savannah Customer Service
    • Public property in Chatham County
      County Arborist in the Engineering Department
      (912) 652-7800

Private Property:

  • Chatham County Cooperative Extension, Soil analysis, diagnosis & treatment of pests & diseases
  • Georgia Forestry Commission
    (912) 748-4924 or (912) 681-0490, ask to speak with a Community Forester
  • Ask the Arborist, a service of the Georgia Forestry Commission

Find an Arborist

Savannah Tree Foundation recommends that all tree care and maintenance work on private property take place under the guidance of an ISA-Certified Arborist. ISA is the International Society of Arboriculture, which certifies urban tree care professionals in the art of arboriculture. You should always verify certification online as many tree companies say they have certified arborists, but in fact do not. Verify your arborists certification.

Try one of these local ISA certified arborists who regularly support the Savannah Tree Foundation


For questions about:

  • City Land Clearing & Tree Protection Ordinance
    City Landscape Architect
    (912) 650-7891
  • County Land Clearing & Tree Protection Ordinance
    County Arborist (located in Engineering Dept .)
    (912) 652-7800 or 652-7803
  • Tree Trimming Near Utilities & Lines
    Georgia Power
    (912) 306-2766
  • Call-Before-You-Dig, 811
    Utility Protection Center
    (800) 282-7411

Looking for trees to plant?

Request Trees through our Tree Planting Program.

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Regional & National

Local tree ordinances

Natural Resources Links

Water Issues

Land Trusts

Not all land trusts are created equally. Here are a few good places to start:

Environmental Advocacy Organizations

Green Links

  • U.S. Green Building Council
    The USGBC maintains an active Savannah chapter which holds monthly meetings and helps encourage energy efficient development, rehabilitation and building practices.
  • EarthCraft House
    There are currently two EarthCraft communities in Savannah, one at Sustainable Fellwood and one at Barbour Pointe.

Educational Links

Urban Forestry Research Links

Trees & construction

How to Conserve Natural Resources on Construction Sites, a publication of the Georgia Forestry Commission