Benefits of Trees

Research shows that trees benefit communities with:

Energy Savings

  • Streets with little or no shade need to be re-paved twice as often as those with 30% tree canopy cover
  • Just three strategically placed trees can decrease utility bills by 50%
  • Trees reduce the amount of water runoff from rain and clean the water that does run off, saving billions of dollars otherwise needed for storm water control and water treatment facilities

Economic Improvement

  • Residential property values can increase 5 – 12% if landscaping includes trees
  • Workers with views of green spaces from their desks report 23% fewer instances of illness

Environmental Health

  • Each year an acre of trees absorbs the amount of carbon produced by driving a car for 26,000 miles
  • Trees cool city heat islands by 10 – 20 degrees, thus reducing ozone levels and helping cities meet the air quality standards required for disbursement of federal funds

Social Benefits and Safety for Residents

  • Crime rates decrease by an average of 52% in areas with more greenery
  • Access to green areas reduces stress and aggression for people who live in urban environments
  • Residents who live near green spaces enjoy more social activities, know more of their neighbors, and have a stronger sense of belonging, resulting in stronger social ties


  • Children who have a view of greenery in their lives perform better in school
  • Increased exposure to nature enhances the ability of children to follow directions
  • Access to green spaces relieves the symptoms of attention deficit disorder (ADD), resulting in better concentration

Climate Change

  • By creating shade, trees moderate temperatures both globally and in the micro-climates of cities and counties
  • One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide annually and puts out over four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people
  • Trees increase humidity in dry climates through evaporation of water from their leaves into the atmosphere

This information was provided courtesy of The Alliance for Community Trees (ACT). The Savannah Tree Foundation is a National NeighborWoods partner with and member of ACT.

Tree Benefit Calculator

To calculate the benefit of trees in your area, visit the Arbor Day Foundation.