There are a lot of things to learn about planting and caring for trees, so we try to help condense things down into manageable, bite size pieces of information, depending on the occasion and audience:

View the 2014 Chatham County Canopy Assessment Report here.

  • How to plant and care for trees, including information on proper mulching techniques, pruning, hiring an arborist (when you need to and how to go about doing it), and much more.
  • Best Management Practices workshops led by ISA-Certified Arborists for employees of public works, parks & rec, and other municipal departments, to better ensure the people who take care of our community’s trees know the best practices for working with them.
  • Public presentations aimed at providing either a general overview or specific topics of interest to garden clubs, civic groups, neighborhood associations and targeted groups such as builders, realtors & developers – all of whom deal with green infrastructure on a routine basis.
  • Current trends, information and data related to trees appears in our Blog
  • We have a variety of digital eCommunication methods we utilize to get the word out
  • Our print Publications include Annual Reports, 990’s, State of the Trees Reports, position papers, and newsletters.
  • And finally, our Links & Resources page is chock full of information on who to contact for what, other urban & community forestry resources and topics of interest, and the like. If you can’t find it there, chances are you can’t find it anywhere! (Well, not really, but it is a pretty comprehensive list).