Cool Schools 2020

December 17th, 2019 by admin

Help us bring trees to school campuses across Chatham County, donate to Cool Schools!

For planting season this year, Savannah Tree Foundation is dreaming big and we need your help! From now until the end of March, we are planting trees on school campuses in Chatham County through a program we’re calling Cool Schools.

Why schools? School grounds are ideal areas to improve Chatham County’s urban forest from the ground up. Trees can improve physical fitness, attention span, outdoor education, and public health. We aim to bring trees and their numerous benefits to students at school sites currently lacking tree canopy.

This is no small undertaking. We usually plant at 2 or 3 sites each planting season, but this year we’re targeting 8. More sites mean more trees, but also means more legwork and higher costs. This is where you come in.

It costs us $500 to plant and maintain one tree for 2 years. This includes the cost of the tree, planting equipment, our staff’s time to plant and maintain the trees, and educational programming for the students involved. We aim to plant at least 10 trees at each targeted campus, meaning each school site will cost us $5,000. With 8 targeted campuses, this project is going to cost us $40,000–one of the largest single investments in trees that we’ve ever planned!

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