Employment, RFPs and Internships


Contract position: Maintenance Technician

STF is contracting with individuals interested in learning job skills for a career in arboriculture, landscape maintenance, horticulture, etc. These contractors will help care for trees at our Rooting Community tree planting sites. Preference will be given to residents within those communities, including: Westlake Apartments, Kayton Homes, Franklin Apartments, Hudson Hill. More information and a job description is linked here.


STF currently has no RFPs issued.


Spend time in wonderful Savannah, Georgia, where the streets are lined with trees and opportunities for outdoor enjoyment abound! Interns are supervised by the Executive Director and focus on special projects rather than general office work, so we’re happy to work with your professors or internship program requirements. Year-round internship opportunities abound for students attending local colleges & universities. Please email your resume to info at savannahtree dot com.

Urban & Community Forestry Interns

Current or post-grad students focused on programs of urban & community forestry are welcome to apply for our special U&CF summer internship program. Current U&CF intern projects include:

  • Public Spaces Initiative: Interns work on projects that create and beautify open spaces and public places in Savannah, such as Bacon Park Forest. People with an interest in trail building techniques and knowledge of the hiking/outdoor user community are especially welcome to apply.
  • Scientific focus: Interns evaluate canopy cover software and current available studies, and work on projects that help articulate the percentage of canopy cover, value and benefits of trees in our community;
  • Advocacy & Public Policy planning focus: Interns work on assessing the state of local tree ordinances & infrastructure planning guidelines for our seven municipalities and one county in Chatham County, Georgia. By compiling data, researching available options and making recommendations for next steps in moving tree ordinances and other protective guidelines forward in our community, you have direct impact on the state of trees in Savannah.

Social Media Marketing Interns

The world is changing, and the Savannah Tree Foundation intends to change along with it! These internships are relaxed, casual intern programs aimed at local high school & college students who have their fingers on the pulse of technology and want to help us tap into those markets. If you’re good with your cell phone, computer or other new technological devices we want to use your expertise! Available year-round.

Graphic Design Intern

Savannah Tree Foundation always has opportunities for folks to get their feet wet in designing website content, email deliverables, printed media, and other design-heavy items. From our holiday tree planting fund to special Arbor Day tie-ins, we can use your expertise. Available year-round.

Education & Outreach Interns

If your specialty is reaching people and teaching them something valuable, this may be the fit for you. We are always in need of creative approaches to getting the word out abut the value and benefits of trees. Audiences include students of all ages, neighborhood associations, garden clubs, civic & business organizations, municipal organizations & planning authorities. Available year-round.